Other Common Questions


Yes, you can have a locker. They are available to Year 7 students from mid-September. Your parents can apply online after Induction Day, as lockers are issued on a first come, first served basis but you will need a Wisepay username and password to reserve one. You can keep the same locker until you leave the school.

Please click here for more information.


No, we choose the tutor groups. We talk to your Primary School teacher about you, then we decide on your tutor group. You will be able to meet them, and hopefully your tutor, when you come for Induction Day

It's important to remember that you will only spend 20 minutes every day with your tutor group, and you will meet lots of other students in your teaching groups.


The teachers understand that it might take you a little while to get to know your way around, and in the first few weeks they will understand that you might be late because you are lost.

Remember that you can always ask a member of staff or another student for directions, and your logbook will also have a map of the school site inside the front cover.

We do expect you to learn your way around and lateness will be a cause for concern after the first few weeks.


Yes. We have water fountains around the school site that you may use during the day. The canteen also sells drinks at break and lunch time.

You are not allowed to leave lessons to fill up your water bottle, so remember to hunt down a water fountain during break and lunch.


Your tutor or computing teacher will give you a five digit number and a password; these will let you access the computers. You need to change your password when you log on to something that you will remember. Never tell anyone your password.

We have computer rooms that are open for students to use before and after school, and at lunchtimes. You can use these if you need a computer to do some school or homework, but we ask that you don't use them to play games.


You can! We have cycle stores on site where you can keep your bike and helmet during the day. However, we do ask that you apply for a permit and read the rules that we have about cycling.

You can see these here.

Older children

We understand that you might be worried about our older students, but in reality they tend to use break and lunch to spend time with their friends. You should find that they are happy to help you if you ask them, but other than that they are just like you and want to spend time with their friends or at clubs. They were in Year 7 once too!

Look out for the older students wearing a different tie and a green lanyard. These are Prefects and are particularly helpful if you have any questions or are worried about anything.


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